Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ne-Yo Concert

Last Tuesday, I went to a $10 Ne-Yo concert. I'm really gonna miss being a college more cheap concerts. Musiq SoulChild opened for him and he was really good. Luckily, he only sang his hits so we the audience were able to sing along. Then came Ne-Yo! I was never really a big fan of the dude, I saw him open for Alicia Keys last year and all I could thing was "dude has a lot of wadrobe changes." I wasn't so keen on seeing him again but my sister wanted to go and it was only $10.

To tell the truth, days before the concert, I started to get really excited. I had listened to his latest album and was really looking forward to singing along (Nothing ruins a concert for me faster than going there and chopping mouth instead of singing). Let me just say that Ne-Yo did not disappoint. He's not the greatest of singers but he's a great entertainer. He knows how to keep the audience entertained. He gave roses to ladies in the audience as per Val's day steez. He worked the crowd really well and I felt really proud that I could sing along to most of the songs he sang. My fave for now being "mad". He also sang a medley of songs he had written, that was pretty cool. All in all, it was a great concert. He changed his outfit only ONCE and guys had a great time.

As for Val's day...let's just leave it there.



sounds like you had a good time and for $10, even I would go see Ne Yo if I had the time. =)

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